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Training Center User Home

A - One of the main features of our new training center is the message center.

The message center gives you easy access to our customer support and instructors 24/7. Any instructor or customer service representative at Kriger can see and review all your communications. This makes it easier for us to help you!

No matter what page you are viewing in the training center, your message indicator can be found at the top. Once clicked it will take you right to the message center inbox.

B - I need help!

The big red button you cannot miss! The "I need Help!" button is always there for you - click it and it takes you right to the message center. On this page we ask you what type of problem you are having so we can direct your message to the correct person.

C - Your Kriger Training Center and Quick Links

From this side menu you have access to many useful tools:

  • Your Courses - take you back to your Training Center home page
  • Message Center takes you to your Message Center Inbox
  • Account / Payments lists your transactions and lets you print copies of your orders
  • Account Settings - Update your personal information.
  • The Quick Links area gives you access to Definitions, Internation Regulations, Acronyms, sample SOPs, sample DOCs and Our Resume Help Center

D, E, F - Courses you have enrolled in:

 Any courses you have signed up for will be listed here and the link to access the course.
You can also access your 'Course Tracker' this is where a summary of the forms you have submitted at the end of each session can be reviewed.
Below the Course Tracker your link to your exam will appear once you have completed and have had all your forms approved.

Now let's move on to a review of the message center...

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Kriger Training Center is part of Kriger International. Kriger International provides online training for Biopharmaceutical Professionals. Kriger also provides Clinical Research Management Services.